Do you need prior trading experience to use the tools?

Trading with tools is a learned skill. While some experience is helpful, it is not a prerequisite. It’s important to remember that no signals are foolproof and the weakest link in any trade plan or strategy is you, the trader. The tools are designed to assist you with the trigger – the ‘when’ of a trade. What strategy you employ (stock, options) is determined by the quality of the setup (the probability and the profit factor assist with that) and your risk tolerance. It is suggested that when you embark on using the tools, you should paper trade at least 20 trades to get a feel for how the signals print

Do the tools repaint?

A common problem with a lot of signals is repainting. The signals generated by the Multi-Squeeze tool and 5D Moving Averages tool DO NOT repaint. It is recommended that a trade action be taken once the candle on which the signal is printing closes

On what time frames can the tools be used?

The tools can be used at all times and with all assets (forex, crypto, stocks).

Can the tools be used together?

Yes.Many traders use the tools as complementary indicators when there is a valid signal from both tools printing within a cluster of candles, the probability for a strong or successful trade is high

Is one tool better than the other?

Both tools operate under the same pretense – find the optimum setup. Each tool approaches the setup from different valid perspectives. Some traders are more comfortable trading on chart indicators (MA crossovers, for example) on short, intraday time frames, whilethe Multi-Squeezetool (oscillators) support trade timing and vice versa.

What do the graph colors mean?

The system was designed to be simple to follow:

Volatility Bands:

  • Green – bullish
  • Grey / Red – bearish

For candles:

  • Green – strong momentum (with a pink dot on top means increased momentum AND increased volume)
  • Yellow – declining momentum (if the prior color was green) and improving momentum (if the prior candle was red)
  • Red – momentum is increasing to the downside
  • Orange – a divergent high bar. Price is expected to fall within 1-5 bars
  • Purple – a divergent low bar.  Price is expected to rise within 1-5 bars.

Can the tools be used for short and long trades?

Yes – both trade tools can identify both short and long setups. You must trade the short setups with minor adjustments to the ATR stop loss and the ATR baselines to accommodate the reversal risk of a short trade..